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Why Robotic Surgery?


     We are excited to be able to offer Laparoscopic DaVinci Robotic Surgery for our patients.  It is a joy to do difficult cases utilizing the robot that you would not be able to complete with standard laparoscopic techniques.  Laparoscopic surgery has revolutionized general surgery and has propelled minimally invasive approaches to health care in all fields.  The benefits, reliability and safety of laparoscopic procedures have been documented over decades, but the robotic addition allows it to go further. 

              The DaVinci System gives superior 3 dimensional vision with depth perception combined with HD vision.  The patient's anatomy is therefore seen in far greater detail then before allowing a meticulous dissection.  The camera is also controlled by the surgeon with steady and deliberate movement as needed.  This eliminates an assistant holding the camera and the shaking or unsteady hand not directing the camera where the surgeon wants to see.  This returns more control to your surgeon and improved efficiency.

              Many robotic instruments are also advanced with tips that rotate like a wrist.  This mimics the movement of a surgeon's hand allowing precise dissection and the ability to suture or manipulate tissue exceeding what you can do with traditional laparoscopy.

              Our goal in advancing minimally invasive surgery techniques has always been for patients to have the benefit of less post operative pain, earlier return to activity, with small incisions and less scarring.  We believe Laparoscopic Robotic Assisted Surgery is the next progression in minimally invasive surgery allowing us to perform more complex surgery with the laparoscopic techniques that we have pioneered over the last several decades.

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